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Meet Russell

He’s a passionate golf coach who endeavours to help all levels of golfers understand the complexity of the golf swing in a simple and approachable way.

By firstly understanding the golf swing and breaking it down into patterns of movements means even the most uncoordinated of individuals can learn how to swing a golf club.

He also specialises in helping golfers find a more athletic golf swing, helping them to produce a more powerful and natural golf swing.

Golfing philosophy

Russell has a strong belief that the way you approach practice will offer you great success with your golf. He helps everyone to maximise their practice to develop their games and reach their full capacity.

Russell’s YouTube channel

Russell has always enjoyed teaching face to face but wanted to reach a wider audience and share his insights with other keen golf enthusiasts across the globe.

Set up in 2018, his YouTube channel focuses on providing practical, easy to follow training tips to help golfers improve their game and ultimately have more fun on the course. He has built a community of over 70k subscribers and uploads multiple videos every week. To find out more, visit his channel.

Success as a Golf vlogger with 150.0K Subscribers