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Online Lessons

Online Golf Lessons

Online lessons are the perfect way to improve your swing. Every program I offer keeps you under constant support to make sure you’re never practicing the wrong thing. This is exactly how it works:

Step 1 – Upload your swings

Step 2 – Receive a Swing Analysis from Russell and Drills to work on.

Step 3 – Record yourself doing the drills to make sure they are done correctly.

Step 4 – Receive Feedback and next progress steps.

This simple process means each week you can change one thing at a time and make sure you’re doing it correctly.

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4 swing annotations





4 swing annotations - and - 1 personal video call





4 swing annotations - and - 2 personal video calls




Russell is a very knowledgeable pro and explains concepts and new swing thoughts in an easy to understand way. He has also helped me massively with the mental side of the game and how to structure my practice. I would thoroughly recommend lessons with Russell, and would also recommend you check out his videos on YouTube.

Mark Tonry

Russell is by far the best golf instructor/teacher I have ever seen, either in person or on videos. His explanations and teaching are ‘head and shoulders’ above the crowd. Thanks Russell for your dedication and hard work to show us ‘hacks’ exactly what is required to swing a golf club correctly.

Gary V

Russell was recommended to me by another of his students. He is an excellent instructor and explains how to improve all areas of your golf in a clear and concise manner. The use of video playback with on-screen annotation is very helpful. It allows you to see exactly where you need to improve and enables you to review items when practising between lessons.

Joe Badr

I just came across Russell Heritage this week but I can say that this man knows his stuff. As important he knows how to communicate it in a common sense, understandable way. I’m a 9 handicap and in one week shot my best scores of the year after having watched only two videos and I’m excited to delve into more.

Terry Athas




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send messages anytime?

Sure! People all over the world do this program, and you will always receive a reply within 12 hours, Monday – Friday.

How do I pay?

Our payment gateway is Stripe.

What happens If I have to stop?

If you get injured, go on holiday or have another reason you need to stop your coaching, the program can be paused at any point – I just need to be aware of this in advance.

Is this just for my swing?

No – I’ve helped hundreds of golfers develop their short games too.

Who is this program for?

I’ve had beginner golfers and professionals take part in this program so you are certainly not too good or bad to join in.

Do I need anything to participate?

The only thing I would suggest is a Tripod. The golfers who have best progressed have recorded swings when at the range and golf course.

Is it an ongoing monthly program?

Yes the membership is a monthly payment. My par, birdie and eagle program are one off payments.

When does the 30 day period start?

The 30 days starts as soon as you have purchased the 30 day development program.

How do I record my swings?

The best way is on your phone, as this also makes it easier to send the swings directly in WhatsApp. I recommend filming from hip level face on and side.

How do I send you my swing videos?

I use a WhatsApp conversation to communicate with you as through experience I’ve found this to be the easiest way to handle communication. It also stores all of your swing videos for ease of reference.

How quick is the reply?

If you have purchased the Par Program you will receive a reply from me within 24 hours (latest). For the Birdie and Eagle Programs a reply will normally be received within 12 hours.